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Who can benefit from becoming God’s Masterpiece?

Christians accept Christ as their personal savior, confess and believe that he died and rose again for their sin and salvation. The gift through Christ is to have an opportunity to have a relationship with God unconditionally. If the gift is unconditional, why are Christians not experiencing the intimacy of God?

New believers have, knocked on the door, Christ opened it,and they walked into the presence of God.They can benefit from a program that gingerly guides & shapes them through applications. Religious Christians who have become legalistic, leaning on acts of goodness and law, and not leaning on personal relationship with God benefit. Religious Christians can be redirected from knowing the laws, but not knowing the Creator. Finally, Veteran Christians who have known God,but lack intimacy of a father & child will benefit with personal intimacy. Familiarity of the Father with instruction and transparency leads to intimacy, as sinful coverings are removed. Becoming God’s Masterpiece can transform all Christians at different levels into awesome masterpieces of God.

What are Christians looking for?

The walk of a Christian is guided by the biblical instruction of the word of God, the spiritual guidance of the Holy Spirit, and the transformation of the mind and heart by the relationship of God.The guidance and transformation is initiated and directed by the Trinity, God the father, Jesus the son, and Holy Spirit the comforter. Getting an understanding of the Trinity, the representation of all attributes of God, the bible the map and tools of life, and an intimate relationship with the father are what Christians spend a lifetime looking for.

The bible has many books consisting of chapters and verses,but deep reading and understanding can not be obtained superficially. Application of reading, helps the word become apart of you,therefore, God is apart of you. Becoming Gods Masterpiece, gives a study using the methodology of study, prayer and Christian meditation. Reach out and grab hold of tools that will assist in your spiritual walk.

Christians need this Study

Although many Christians start out running eager to serve God, most end up with a slow non-rhythmic meandering stroll. What happens to the zeal of Christians? Many are overwhelm with the processing of reading the word,due to a lack of understanding. Studying the bible is essential in growing spiritually, yet many don’t take the initiative and stifle their growth. Well, Becoming God’s Masterpiece is a study program that prepares Christians for a zealous run for the Lord. A life filled with biblical understanding, fervent prayer and meditation that’s empowering is the end result,of applying the Masterpiece techniques.

Techniques gives guidance and structure that ends in understanding. All Christians want a deeper understanding of biblical principles and a deeper relationship with God. Most Christians relationship with God is witnessed by application of principles in life with all creation. Study to show yourself a good steward.

The Benefits are Numerous for Christians

The benefit of a good study bible program can guide Christians, but more importantly transform the mind to be more Christlike. Your life will exhibit the spirit of God. The relationship with God shall be reflected in your relationship with all people good, bad and ugly. Submission to God, will be an on going witness by correct and Holy thoughts. Your deeper relationship with God will illuminate his standard and light up a dark world. God can use a                  IFCJ reviews submitting to him to reach others. Is not reaching the unsaved the great commission? How can the great commission be obtained and fulfilled if the saved do not know, live or reflect the principles of God.

The Becoming God’s Masterpiece insures that Christians benefit of empowering, knowledgeable and transformed minds are prepared to save souls and live a fulfilled life in Christ. Make a commitment to yourself and to God by investing in a program, that will richly benefit your spiritual life Becoming God’s Masterpiece. For more information

I enjoy providing top line products to my friends around the world.It inspires me to see my customers and /or friends rely on me to provide them with products they want. My job is not complete unless my customers are satisfied. I prioritize my life in the following way:
1) Serving God by applying his principles in am daily walk and having a relationship.
2) Taking care and interacting with my family.
3) Business
4) Balancing my life with my favorite activities: golfing, fishing and hanging out with heals (my dog).

By Robert L Coleman


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