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More often than not there are signs of trouble well in advance of sudden cardiac arrest ( also known as SCA ), this condition without previous warning signs is the exception rather than the rule. People who have gone through one heart attack already and/or experience risk indicators like high blood pressure or existing heart disease are much more likely to have a cardiac arrest. People who have a lengthy history of heart related ailments should take proper precautions like medication, medical monitoring, and lifestyle roberto casula to lower their risks. Heart patients who take the proper medicines and make the right adjustments in their lifestyles can significantly improve the odds of avoiding cardiac arrest. Dizziness or nausea can be a symptom of someone about to go into SCA. These symptoms in a person at risk for heart disease are a cause for concern even though they have other causes. All possible symptoms should be taken seriously because heart problems can occur in young people and those considered healthy. Some people who are having a heart attack feel lightheaded. In most cases, the heart doesn’t stop beating during a heart attack, differentiating it from cardiac arrest. However, various heart conditions, including a heart attack, can lead to SCA, which is why it’s essential to treat any heart related symptoms promptly.

An electrical problem in the heart such as ventricular fibrillation can be the main cause of SCA. See your doctor for tips on recognizing and treating the warning signs and risk factors of cardiac arrest.

Having an irregular heartbeat, or arrhythmia can be one such risk factor, although many people have such conditions without suffering from cardiac arrest. There are of course medications that can be prescribed that can help protect your heart from damage. Improve your diet and make lifestyle changes is also helpful. Anyone who is concerned about the possibility of cardiac arrest should see a heart specialist to determine their risk factors and to learn about the right preventive measures to take.

SCA remains a very real threat to human health despite amazing advances in recent years in the medical field. while it’s true that there are some risk factors and medical issues that make cardiac a greater risk, it can still happen to anyone. The one absolute sign of cardiac arrest is that the heart has stopped beating and that it why stimulation needs to be applied immediately. Paying attention to the signs above might help you accurately gauge the risk factors and perhaps even identify cardiac arrest when it happens.


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