Wine of Rapture- A Bordello and Wine Chap Collaboration September 24 2009

Bordello and Wine Chap join forces in a dangerous liaison to celebrate the eternal friend of lovers and poets, the nectar of Dionysus!

These charismatic wine connoisseurs will take you on a tasting journey in our Bordello boudoir, exploring a titillating menu of seductive juices. Find out which grape goes like a hand in glove with foreplay, which wine is the most suitable to lick from your lover's nipple or the wine that makes the perfect, quivering finale when drunk from a shared cup...

Date: Thursday 24th September 2009

Time: 7-9pm

Tickets: £30.00. Please note tickets must be purchased in advance in-store or over the phone. Please call 0207 503 3334.



Thanks to all those that came and sampled the delights of our wonderful wine tasting event by Tom Harrow of Wine Chap.

We were taken on a sensory journey of seduction starting with an extra dry Prosecco from Veneto via a peachy french white Vins de Pays into the start of a hedonistic exploration of blood pumping reds. The South African aptly named Meerlust led onto an exquisite Chateauneuf du Pape which built to a taste bud tantalizing crescendo of the Amarone Classico which left us all panting with passion to Tom's orgasmic descriptions. Our palettes were finally caressed with a sweet Ambrosie from Fruili which sent our guests giggling into the night, warm and sated. It was a beautiful coupling which like all passionate encounters left us dreaming of the next meeting with anticipation. Keep your eyes peeled for the next Bordello and Wine Chap collaboration.

The death of the summer is near, but the Bordello girls won't shed a single tear, as we know there are some marvellously decadent autumnal treats awaiting us. This is the time to celebrate all the senses....