A Fetish Day Out with Allen Jones & the Boutique Bazaar November 30 2014


Sunday found us at the Royal Academy to see what the buzz was about the Allen Jones exhibition. The show covered his career from the 1960's to date, but of course began with the controversial S&M furniture pieces! And what a start! 




Upsetting uptight liberals all over London with the sadomasochistic portrayal of submissive women as tables and chairs. I have feminist artist friends getting their (wet I suspect) knickers in an absolute torniquet over this kind of stuff. Provocative, sexy, these leather clad ladies personally just left me thrilled and excited wondering where I could get some of those leather outfits from. The craftmanship! amazing. 





Jones clearly had an obsession with striking, dominatrix, leather clad ladies and his mannequins have created controversy, uproar and arousal by those who are intimated, offended or attracted to his spectacular Amazons. 





His fondness for strong muscular bodies, dancers and club hostesses shows of a life well spent in strip club, louche underground Soho haunts and in the lap of many a mistress. 

In the dancing room, the elegant dancing figures tell tales of parties and music while the walls depict scenes of late night debauchery and mayhem. 


It was certainly a party I wish i was at! The swinging 60's in London as depicted by Jones was a more carefree and liberal place than todays paltry early closing london night life. 

Jones has been painting dancers and his incredible mannequins for a period spanning about 40 years, so I think we can stop speculating that it's just for shock value. Maybe we need to think a bit deeper and look all around us at the subjugation of women and the use of the female form to sell everything and anything. I think thats what Jones is saying. As for me, I think he clearly adored women in all their glory and he was out for a bloody good time and I'll drink to that Allen! Cheers!



There was only one other thing left to do after a day out with Allen Jones and his amazon ladies and that was to visit the Boutique Bazaar for sourcing some latex clothing. Held at McQueens in Shoreditch it was en route as they say. I needed to hook up with some of my partner brands and was pleased to touch base with the gorgeous Loveday London, Lacing Lilith, Sian Hoffman and the Model Traitor, Lovely Lucie and Darkest Star. It was such a great event that I've decided to join them. Le Boutique Bazaar here we come!