Windows to the World September 10 2015

My favourite window, the Hallowe'en, Let's get Freaky, was put up with my Mum, aka Mamma Scarr. Not normally known for her fetish tastes she took to the theme like a duck to water.

Dressing the 16ft windows at the Shoreditch Boutique, was a highlight in running Bordello. At shop closing, we'd pick up some wine from H at the Shoreditch Stop Off Licence next door, put the music on and get the ladders out.With my crew of friends, Bordelettes (staff) and on occasion Mamma Scarr, we would get busy like the mice in Bagpuss. Guaranteed at some point in the night, a magical transformation would take place to thrill and entice passers by. And yes, they have even been known to come alive sometimes!

Bordello Shoreditch Windows 

And thats why I booked a short course at London College of Fashion to study Visual Merchandising, Space Management & Visual Display with Lucy Clements. Lucy with her impeccable fashion retail credentials and 12 year teaching career at LCF, was everything you want a Fashion Teacher to be: quirky, knowledgable and inspiring. She clearly knows her stuff and probably what she doesn't know really isn't worth knowing.
The term VM is still pretty new and degrees in this stuff just don't exist so its a matter of listening and applying with practical work very much a focus, including an enlightening and enjoyable trip to Westfields in Shepherds Bush. And I never thought I'd be saying that. 
So, without further a do, here are some pics from my days at LCF.






Mannequin line formation and use of colour at All Saints and John Lewis, Ted Baker, and incorporating graphics at Benetton. 



Back to the drawing board: planning a store layout and getting to know your client: Mood Board.
With our forthcoming stall at the London Tattoo Convention at the end of September, I had the opportunity to look at set up of our Bordello stall and Lucy gave great pointers and tips on product combining and wardrobe building. 
 In Visual Display, windows were planned and built in advance in little boxes with make believe mannequins. Brilliant and incredibly useful when it came to planning positioning.
Then with Lucy's Directive of mid to high-High St-raised-pyramid-formation-with-mannequins and a rack of quite horrible clothes I got to play with mannequins again. Fortunately I had my leather jacket and my Bordello fetish accessories by The Model Traitor and Louise McKay with me to create some looks.
Alot of fun. You'll see me in a window near you soon.
And btw, keep an eye out for Lucy Clements, she's got some smart tricks up her Vivienne Westwood sleeves which will be revealed in the near future. Fashionistas look out and look sharp! Lucy's coming ...